Sparkling Red Hot Chocolate

12th November 2019

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Adding sparkling red wine to hot chocolate isn’t usually something you’d think of doing, as sparkling red wine is best served cold, but the result is superb.

The sparkling red I used was Alberto Quacquarini – Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG Secco a Gold Medal Winner in the Fireworks Category.

Only grapes grown and cultivated by Alberto Quacquarini are used in making their wine, the intense quality of the grapes is obtained in places of semidarkness, where the grapes are hung up and left to dry for 3 months. The new grape-picking takes place in January: the must from the grapes is a fiery ruby red, sweet and thick like honey. This is added to ferment in the October wine where the freshness of the recent harvest is blended with the richness of the dried grapes. The new wine, which has matured in cool fresh cellars, is left to ferment further still to obtain the sparkling wine. In this way, this natural sparkling wine acquires its final precious crucial flavours.

How To Make A Sparkling Red Hot Chocolate

All you’ll need is a bottle of sparkling red wine, hot chocolate powder with water or a chocolate bar and milk.

For this one, I used hot milk.

  1. Heat up the Milk or Water
  2. Add Chocolate Powder or Real Melted Chocolate
  3. Mix
  4. Pour your Sparkling Red Wine into a mug till approximately 1/4 full
  5. Pour in the Hot Chocolate
  6. Then Give a quick stir 

And that’s it, now, how does it taste?

Tasting Notes: “You can taste both the sweet chocolatey flavours as well as the dryness of the red berry fruits from the Quacquarini Secco, the two create a very moreish hot drink, to me it feels like the kind of drink you’d have around Christmas in front of an open fire.”

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Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

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